Front Loaders by Trima and Quicke

We can supply and fit front loaders to your specifications.



Our Trima loaders are designed to deliver the best possible productivity and user advantage over a long period of time. The following are examples that give the Trima Plus loader range its unique durability and reliability:

  • Over engineered, hardwearing subrame system
  • Reinforced crosstube that reduces stress and increases torsional strength
  • Bearing box with large contact areas that hold and stabilize all loads
  • Heavy-duty pins reduce wear and axial play
  • Heavy-duty cylinders with double bearings for durability
  • Loader beam with twin “U-beams” that increases torsional and structural strength, while the external appearance looks smart with all the welds facing in towards the tractor.


One of the basic philosophies of Trima, is to make the heavy tasks light, and to speed up time-consuming activities. Thanks to development in close dialogue with farmers all over the world, the TrimaPlus range of loaders can demonstrate its leading position in the following ways — to name just a few!

  • Vertical mountings that optimize the turning radius and other driving characteristics of the tractor
  • Oversized loader beam and pivot pins that maximise the effectiveness of the implements
  • Large work angles that optimize the use of the implements
  • Mechanical parallel linkage gives you everything from increased lifting power and working speed to better use of the tractor’s hydraulic system
  • Class leading rapid and simple functions for coupling and uncoupling the loader as well as implement changes
  • Rotate the tool carrier through 180° and you can cleary see the implement hook from the comfort of your cab ensuring maximum control
  • The Plus Compact Valve has all the important functions and connections together in one centrally placed distribution valve.

Safe & Ergonomic

Trima is a high-performing front loader. At the same time there is a lot of built-in consideration that makes even the toughest jobs gentle on the body. The following are examples of the many ergonomic and safety related advantages of the Trima Plus range:

  • The superior load-dampening of PlusDrive gives a uniquely smooth handling and operator comfort
  • Easy to reach quicke connectors at a comfortable height provide simple connection of the implements
  • Always a perfect view thanks to the hydraulics
  • Implement mounts that give optimal view and control from operator’s cab
  • Vertical mounts with plenty of spaaaaaace to ensure simple servicing

Your strength

To provide strength is one thing. To maximise the power across a full range of functions is another matter entirely.

That’s when you will notice the superior performance in your work and get the most out of your tractor’s potential — every day, year after year. For this reason we constantly develop our products, resulting in the markets most versatile power package, with multiple advantages that pay for themselves — and more — in many different ways. The extreme satisfaction when you look back over your working day. The high quality that becomes more obvious every year. Quite simply, a power that pays for itself and lasts longer — it is an important part of the unique Quicke feeling!

Efficiency through personal design

Annually, we spend thousands of hours developing the design of everything from pins to loader arms. Our obvious focus is that our design solutions should make your work more efficient, safe and more ergonomic.

The reward is all the positive responses we have had from tractor owners the world over. It makes us feel rather safe in the knowledge that no other front loader beats Quicke for wellthought out and closely tested design. This is a position we want to maintain and strengthen, to always be your first choice. Your challenges are therefore also ours. We are not happy until you are happy. This is why, for us, design will always be more than just about shape.

Exclusive details, just for you

Simplify your job, save time, maximise your comfort and safety. These have always been strong driving horses in Quicke’s over 50 year history.

A tireless effort to create the perfect front loader for you and your colleagues the world over. This is in line with (and even a little ahead of) the rapid development of more technically advanced tractors with more powerful engines. How well have we succeeded? One thing is certain: You won’t find a front loader in the whole world with as many smart functions and innovative technical solutions than Quicke. A front loader where new ideas come as standard. Where every tiny detail is closely thought through in order to deliver the greatest possible advantages and use. For you, your tractor and your business. You can find many more specific examples here.

Always close to you

As a Quicke owner, you not only have a world-leading front loader, but you also have a world-leading level of reliability. Your purchase does not end our commitment to you — it’s only the beginning.

Your Quicke has to perform at its best for a long time, and this is made easier if you are close to locations for service, spare parts and knowledgeable support. This is why we have purposefully built up a strong global organsation with a comprehensive service network. This means that you have access to quick and competent service wherever you operate in the world. You can also be sure that our service and support is developed from the same lofty ambitions as our products — always aiming for 100 per cent happy customers!